Rhino Liner Vs Line X: Choose the Best Brand

Rhino Liner Vs Line X

Majority of the persons, and especially the truck owners know that the bedliners are helpful to protect the truck’s bed and keep the cargo safe. The more significant trucks take big loads, and so they must be secured when the road is bumpy, or the driving is rough. A good company’s bed liner can secure the truck bed, and when it comes to the best options of bedliners, we must discuss the Rhino liner vs. line X. Both the liners are same as each of them is the spray-in bed liner. But in this article, I will show you the significant differences between these two. So stay tuned, and read further.

Rhino Liner Vs Line X

As there are two types of truck bed liners – Drop-in and Spray-on – first of all, we must decide which kind of bed liner is suitable for our truck. Once determined, when it comes to select the brand, you should try installing both of them to decide the best option for you. Many of the times, we just can’t pick any one of the best two options until and unless we use them. So first of all, do the installation and then decide all by yourself according to your needs and wants.

Rhino Liner Reviews

Rhino ReviewsRhino liner is thicker. It is so soft that the material used in Rhino Lining gives the rubbery feel. The surface of Rhino Liner is not rough at all. So, even if one wants to sit on the truck bed, there are no chances of hurting the knees as the bed liner is gentle. As it is thick by nature, it looks dull by default. Because of its softness, sometimes it is not a good tear resistant as compared to the harder materials.

People who have used Rhino liner believe that it does not hold up sharp things like axes and chainsaws. Because of its smoothness and rubbery surface, such risky things move quickly, and so it is quite dangerous. There are also some reviews about Rhino bed liner that it does not stick in places and not at all tear resistant.

Line X Reviews

Line X ReviewsLine X contains a rough surface. It is not at all soft and considers as a harder material. If you are moving around and want to sit on the truck bed and it contains the bed liner of Line X, then it might be possible it will hurt your knees or even can damage your cargos on the bumpy road because of its rough and hard surface. The users suggest that the finished wood surfaces and the bed liner of Line X are not a right combination.

The truck only requires a thin coating. It tends to follow every contour of the truck’s bed and protect the looks of the truck. The truck bed surface sparkles when the thin layer of the Line X bed liner applies on the truck. After starting the process, it just takes 3 to 5 seconds to set on the truck bed. The mixture can be easily and quickly mixed up in the spray gun.

Few Similarities between Line X and Rhino Liner

Similarities Line X vs Rhino

  • The whole process of installation can be completed between $500 to $900. So, we can say that Rhino liner cost or even the Line X cost stay between these two figures.
  • The installer may also offer color matching and additional spraying, but ultimately, it is up to us what we choose according to our necessity.
  • Rhino Liner and Line-X are very similar. Both the liners use the same chemicals and offering same or very same color options.
  • Rhino as well as Line X bed liners provide the lifetime warranty and need almost same tools for the installation procedures.
  • The truck owners also expect the UV protection from both of these bed liners so that the color of bed liner do not fade away even when the truck stays under the sun for the longer period.

So, these are the detail reviews of rhino liner vs. line x. Before any installation, one thing we all should keep in mind is that we have to inspect our installation spray and also check the preparation space. If they are dusty or dirty, it is better to clean them before use. At the time of installation, make sure that any other activities like car detailing or washing are not taking place in the spraying area. Otherwise, there are chances that the wet surface may get the particles or debris in your liner. I hope you have found this data useful and I am making sense to you.

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