Review of IGGEE Seat Cover

Review of IGGEE Seat Cover

Hello, friends welcome to this post in which we are going to post about one of the best seat covers which a recently come in the market and known as bigger seat covers. Below in this article, we are going to give larger seat covers reviews according to the personal reviews by its real users. Iggy comes in the list of the top brand for car’s interior.

About Iggee

IGGEE is one of the car seat cover specialists and manufacturing custom made. Iggee is also indulged in universal fitting seat covers for almost every vehicle brand from the year of 1953 Corvette to 2013 Chevy Silverado.

Iggee provides some of the custom seat covers with high quality and durability which is really appreciated by of its customers, and it is good enough beyond your expectations and after using iggee seat covers you will get nice looking car interior with an affordable price.

Iggee seat covers reviews

No other seat cover brand have made custom seat covers as good and perfectly as Iggee. And, in the market of car seat covers no other companies have made up car seat pattern as delicately and precisely as Iggee.

Now you don’t have to have a poor looking seat covers in your car and instead if experience a fancy, nice looking interior, designed by iggee and by the experience of 20 year in custom seat covers.


What iggees usually charge

Iggee charge $300 shipped to the USA, and $195US +shipping

What material do they use?

Iggee is the top car seat cover brand, and it fully takes care about quality they provide you. Iggee uses Synthetic Leather of material for car seat covers.


The iggee seat cover is started with putting the cover on the seat, and they use to hook onto under the seat. Iggee did not provide hooks to make it fit nicely. The backrest part is easy to install. The headrest holes are designed like not cut out. The full process of installation takes one hour per seat.

What tools do they use?

Iggee uses Philips screwdriver and Scissors too.


People also find it durable because they give a thin layer of synthetic leather, followed by a thin layer of foam padding. Iggee does, so, it seems to hold itself structurally in places that not worn away. The color quality is also good, no fading on any of the colors with years.


Iggee is the top brand and never compromise on quality, in a review we got to know that people overall satisfied with the amount they have paid for it. The material of synthetic leather is harder, but they are padded, so comfortable. Again, it is worth the price you pay iggee.



So guys after considering all the above point we can say that overall and most people had good and positive reviews about the IGGEE. And it is most selling seat cover nowadays still. Thank you for visiting our blog and for a better update about Iggee keep visiting.

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