Miele Vs Dyson – Top Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Miele Vs Dyson – Top Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Miele and Dyson both are well-known vacuum brands. So sometimes it becomes confusing to choose the better among the both. And a post giving the exact comparison and reviews of both can give you a clear idea. Here is something you all should know about these two! Both the vacuum cleaner brands are unique in their own ways. But we are here to help you to choose the best one as per your requirements.

Check the in-depth analysis of Miele Vs Dyson vacuums to find a way of having the most preferable vacuum cleaning machine for you!

Miele Vs Dyson – Philosophies

“Immer Besser” is Miele’s tagline. In English, “Immer Besser” means “forever better.” This tagline represents Miele’s philosophy. Miele’s main aim is to make the vacuums of the highest quality in the world, and it would not be wrong if we say that they are fulfilling their aim.

Dyson aims to introduce some new features in every new vacuum cleaner the company designs. Dyson is growing fast because of the root cyclone technology, which contributes a good amount of pressure even without bags.

Miele Vs Dyson – Technological Comparison

The main dissimilarity between Miele & Dyson vacuums are;

1. Filtration

  • In Miele’s vacuum, a bag has been used for collecting the dust.
  • Dyson vacuums are bagless as well as filter-less.

Miele vacuum comes with a dust bag to collect all the dust and debris. It also results into easier maintenance process than the Dyson vacuums.

2. Cleaning

  •     Dyson’s vacuums require frequent cleaning as compare to Miele’s vacuums.

The dustbag formula used in Miele vacuums make them easy to empty and clean than the Dyson vacuums.

3. Noise output

The Miele “Silence-System technology” embraces a motor which optimizes the noise and combined sound resistant to deliver a quiet vacuuming experience to you.

Miele Vs Dyson – Warranty Comparison

  • Miele’s vacuums provide 7 years of warranty.
  • Dyson’s vacuums provide 5 years of warranty.

Both the vacuums undergo definite testing in the industry to simulate assertiveness. Miele vacuums are offering 7 years of warranty on the vacuum’s motor and casing and 1-year warranty on all other components, where Dyson vacuums offer 5-year warranty and 2-years warranty on the cordless models.

Miele v/s Dyson – Model Comparison

  •  Miele has more than 20 unique canister vacuums in the range currently.
  • Dyson is making only 3 canister models currently.

Miele gives more options in the models of vacuum cleaner than Dyson. And the New Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition is at the top of all. In many ways, Miele is surely better than Dyson.

Miele vacuum cleaners offer:

  • A perfect combo of better cleaning,
  • Ease of use,
  • Outstanding hygiene standards,
  • First-class quality,
  • Multi-stage filtration, and
  • A valid air sealed system, which ensures that only clean air sets free, etc.

Miele’s vacuums also take care of hygiene and use the multiple filter bags for cleaning the dust and dirt. These bags have an automatic closing collar to ensure that the dust particles must be locked inside accurately when removed and do not spread. Moreover, the protective nets prevent the bag from tearing. These nets also give protection from some sharp objects such as the fragments of glass or iron scrap, etc. as all are vacuumed up.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners offer:

  • Cord-free vacuums
  • A unique 360-degree vision system
  • Cyclones that capture more dirt, etc.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are easy to use. Plus, they suck up large debris as well as fine dust from hard floors. A roller covered in soft woven nylon is for collecting large debris, while anti-static carbon fiber strand removes fine dust. Both the vacuums are good and can perform better for different types of carpets and floors. For example, if you are looking for a best vacuum cleaner for shag carpet, then we will recommend to prefer Miele over Dyson.

Comparison Table:

FiltrationUses bagsBagless
CleaningPeriodic cleaningFrequent cleaning
Noise outputQuiteA bit noisy
Warranty7 years5 years
Canisters (currently)203


So, finally, we reach to this, the conclusion. We have tried to compare all the aspects of the top two vacuum cleaner brands; Miele Vs Dyson. Both have some plus points as well as minus points. Picking up the best among them is a difficult task because the taste is different in every home. So, it is really up to you which cleaning machine you will like for your specific needs. We have made the comparison of the Dyson and Miele vacuum cleaners available in the market today to give you a better and clear idea. As per our research, Miele’s vacuums are better than Dyson.


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