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Marathon Seat Cover Reviews

Marathon Seat Cover Reviews

Automative car seat covers are a boon if you’re looking forward to bringing something new to your car’s interior without even investing a lot of dollars. They have several benefits like:

  • Seat covers provide more cushion effect.
  • They can be easily cleaned.
  • Minimal damage is caused to the seats if there is a spillage.
  • Newer and renewed look to your car.

Due to its excessive benefit and demands, there are a lot of seat cover companies in this industry. Marathon Seat Covers is one such manufacturer and retailer of car seat covers operating since 1978.

1. What Is Offered By Marathon Seat Covers?

Marathon Seat CoversMarathon Seat Covers offers authentic Cordura Nylon fabrics ranging in over 30 solid colors and camouflage patterns. The material is directly dyed to make the color long-lasting. The Cordura Nylon is coated with a polyurethane backer and a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) top finish for 100% waterproofing. It will not allow water to drip through the fabric.

Marathon Seat Covers do not offer a one-size-fits-all-cover. Instead, they offer customized seat covers according to the type of vehicle, model, and year. A great amount of care is usually taken to bring the car to the shop and have the covers cut with an aerospace-grade computer-controlled machine. Each cover is hand-sewn to give it a proper finish. 

There is no chance of wrinkling or sagging with a customized touch given to all the seat covers. There is a fast and secure installation provided, which eliminates the need to put them on every time.

2. Benefits Of Opting For Cordura Fabric:  

Benefits Of Opting For Cordura FabricCordura gives 2x more durability than the standard nylon, which makes it more enduring. It is 3 times more durable than polyester and 10 times more durable than cotton duck, which enhances its advantages. It is resistant to damages, abrasions, scuffs, and tears. All of such qualities make it a high performing and dependable fabric. It is 100% water-proof, non-porous, and the water beads up and rolls off. It is also self-extinguishing so that it doesn’t act as an accelerant in the fire. Even though Cordura is thin, it is highly durable and strong. It will give a perfect fitting to the seat while retaining comfort and support. It works best for high-traffic environments.

It is also highly stain-resistant, which makes it low maintenance. If there is an occurrence of spillage, it can easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild detergent. 

3. Wide Collection Of Fabrics And Colors

Wide Collection Of Fabrics And ColorsMarathon Seat Covers offers a really wide range of fabric samples that are tailor-made as per the customer’s requirements and selections. It offers seat covers in camouflage and 30 solid colors that one can choose from according to their car’s interiors. 

4. Heated And Cooling Features Of The Seat

Heated And Cooling Features seatThe heating feature of the seat will work perfectly through the cover. However, the cooling feature is not accommodated due to the covers being 100% waterproof Nylon.

Installation Process

Marathon Seat Covers offer velcro-like fasteners that help with a fast and secured installation. The seat covers will not impede the motion of the seat while allowing movements like sliding, folding, moving forward, and laying back.

Bottom Line 

After considering all the factors and specifications of the Marathon Seat Covers, it is safe to say that it is a profitable investment for your car’s protection and augmented interiors. With its three-year limited warranty and phenomenal customer service, qualitative car seats are a guarantee. With their years of experience in this field, reliable and durable quality of seat covers, and attractive option, this is a worthwhile purchase for the car owners. What else are you waiting for? Grab your Marathon seat covers now.

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