How to Remove Another Car’s Paint From My Car? -Tips to Remove Scuff Marks

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No matter how careful you were at choosing the safest lane to park your car or careful at choosing your chauffeur, Accidents can always happen when you least expect it. Dents and scratches are heartbreaking and expected in accidents, but what if you surprisingly find a paint transfer while stepping down from your car or noticed that your car has a scratch on it with another paint mark, and it has spoiled the whole look. Your wonder car now has undoubtedly turned into a blunder car.

But to your surprise, you don’t have to panic about the scuff marks or paint transfer you are not responsible for! Yes, you read it right. One way is visiting a professional who can efficiently treat the marks and ask you to pay a certain amount for the same. However, you can save money by taking the task into your hand either by sparing a small amount or by no expenses at all. But wait, are you worried about how to get it done? Well, here we are with the home remedy for getting rid of scuff marks. 

Removing Deep Scuff Marks

You may have to spare a little amount of money here, but you can get rid of the stubborn scuff marks quickly. Follow the method mentioned below, and your car is as clean with no spots left. Please read it carefully. You are going to find the 8th wonder in your budget. Thank us later.

How to Remove Another Car’s Paint From My Car?

Method 1 – The WD-40 Method

Things you will need – 

  • Scratch remover
  • Microfiber cloth
  • WD-40
  • Car wax
  • some soap water
  • dry cloth
  • soft sponge
  • Detailer
  • Clay bar

Step 1: Lightening using Scratch Remover

Check on how deep the scratch is. If it is a light scratch remover bought from the store and a microfiber cloth will be enough to treat your scuff mark.

Step 2: Softening scuff mark using WD- 40

If scratch remover did not help you much, then there is too much paint transfer, then you can soften the scuff mark using WD-40 by getting it from your nearest store. How to use WD- 40? Make sure the area is clean enough. Then gently spray WD- 40 Multi-Use Product on the affected area and use a soft cloth to wipe it off, or you can even use a soft sponge for it. Don’t be too harsh on rubbing; else, you will scratch your car’s paint too.

Step 3: Wipe, Wipe and Wipe

This step is only for perfectionists! 😉 After trying the above two steps, the paint transfer is rarely visible, but if you are a perfectionist, there are few more steps to go. Use soapy water and remove the WD- 40 from the paint. Then wipe it off using a dry cloth. Spray some detailer; you will easily get it in the store. Use the clay bar and rub it off the surface. Wipe it again. Use Car Wax and rub the area and then wipe off. Now you are ready to retake your wonder car. 

Treating not so deep scuff marks

So far, we have discussed the method that might affect your pocket though it is negligible compared to what you would have to pay to a professional for the same work. But what if the marks aren’t deep enough and you don’t wish to spend so much money on the cleansing process. Well, don’t worry. We have solutions for you that will not cost you even a single penny. You can quickly get it done from the things that are readily available at your home.

Method 2 – The toothpaste method

Toothpaste is something we all use. And that very toothpaste can take your car’s scuffs away. You will be in an Awe state after looking at the Miracle.

Things you will need –

  • Toothpaste 
  • soft cloth

The method is very simple to act upon. Get a soft cloth and apply little toothpaste to it. Rub it on the affected area using circular motions. You will slowly see the mark disappearing.

Note: This trick can work only if the scuff mark has not penetrated deeply. And remember that whitening toothpaste is best for this method due to its rougher and grittier texture. Old toothpaste can worsen the marks. So, be careful with the paste.

Method 3 – The Oil method

Cooking oil is much more beneficial because of its dense liquid nature. It will also moisturize your car and prevent it from damaging. Try it; it may help you.

Things you will need – 

  • Cooking Oil 
  • microfiber towel

Getting the job done with this method is much more comfortable. All you need to do is get a microfiber towel from your wardrobe or closet. Apply a small amount of cooking oil to the towel. Scrub off the paint using that towel. You will find the difference in the paint transfer.

Note: It can help you only if the mark is not embedded and only in small areas.

Method 4 – The Gas Method

Apart from toothpaste and oil, you can also use the gas method. It is relatively easier to implement. It is also known as something is better than nothing trick.

Things you will need –

  • Gas 
  • microfiber towel

Gas can sometimes help your scuff mark if you do not have scratch removers or wax around. You can also try this. All you need is to get a microfiber towel. Soak it in gas; be extremely careful to prevent accidents. Then after soaking, wipe it off on the marks. The gas will react with the scuff mark, and it will be easy to wipe off the spot.

Note: Don’t leave the towel for long on the mark. Else you will end up removing the paint of your car too.


It can be irritating to see the look after you find the paint of another’s car in your car. So far, it would be clear to you that the scuff mark can only affect the coating layer, and removing it is not that big a task. 

With the above mentioned simple and easy methods, you will get the desired result and avoid the extra expenses. Now, how to remove paint scuff from the car will no longer be a terrible problem. Just spare some time on it to remove it. We hope we have taken off the burden of the scuff marks from your shoulders and made it simple. Happy cleaning!

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