How to Flush a Heater Core – Found the Best Way to Clean?

How to Flush a Heater Core – Found the Best Way to Clean-

The heater core is kind of a radiator and an important part of the coolant system of your vehicle. So if the heater of your car is not working properly like it used to be, or if it has stopped working, the reason might be related to the heater core. A clog can create issues regarding it. Heater core flush kits are available in the market.

Here I am giving few steps to understand how to flush a heater core!

Step 1:  For attaching a pressure source, locate the heater core on the vehicle’s firewall as per your vehicle’s service manual, because the location of the inlet and outlet pipes of the heater core vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Step 2: There are two hoses, one for the inflow of the coolant and the other one for the outflow of the coolant. You can locate the nozzles by studying the exact hoses of the coolant system.

Step 3: Now try to disconnect the heater hoses. You have to be careful by disconnecting them as the coolant and water will pour from them. So make sure that you have put the container under the hoses below the car.

Step 4: Best way to flush the heater core is to force either air or water through the system. Point the inlet hose down towards the container but make sure that anything comes out must pour into it.

Step 5: Now, from the heater core, place the airline or water hose into the outlet tube. You need to do heater core flush, but compressed air may pass with force and break the blockages.

Step 6: Try hard to block the line of airline connect and the heater hose outlet, so that pressure will not leak back and quickly penetrate the clog.

Step 7: Now, allow the pressure to remove the blockages into the system. Keep the hoses open for some time to ensure that entire system is covered under pressure.

Step 8: Close the airline or the water hose and allow fluids. Fluid will drain everything and pass into the container placed under your vehicle. Take care about the container and avoid overflowing.

Step 9: Repeat the process by using the water hose if you have used the airline initially. Filling the system with water and then cleaning it will remove corrosive fluids. Flush the heater core twice   to unclog it.

Step 10: Reconnect the inlet and outlet hoses if they are completely clean, and if they are damaged or rusty, replace them before reinstalling.

Step 11: Now, open the cap and mix the coolant with the water and fill the coolant system. The ratio should be 50/50. You must use the correct type of coolant for your car. You also can purchase readymade coolant and water mix from the market. You can ask your local mechanic for the right type of coolant.

Step 12: After all these activities, do some preparation for flushing the heater core. Find a firm surface and park the vehicle on level ground. After cooling the engine completely, Jack your vehicle up and place a vessel to keep the flowing fluids.

Note: Always know your vehicle’s coolant capacity. To get the information about that, you can refer the service manual.

A clogged heater core may become the reason to stop the coolant from passing through the other parts of the engine and limits the amount of heat supposed to be transferred. Heater core flush can remove all the clogs, but if it fails to work, maybe there is a need to change your heater core. So when you ever get a shadow of a doubt how to unclog a heater core, you can follow these steps and resolve your queries.


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