Guide to Repair Sprinkler Solenoid Valve

Guide to Repair Sprinkler Solenoid Valve

It is important to clean the Irrigation Solenoid valve when it fails to close it due to something is trapped inside it. This can be anything like grain of sand, a small twig or insect or tiny snail. You have to disassemble and clean the valve to fix it. Usually due to bad wiring a valve fails to open it. I will provide you with the guidelines of how to repair sprinkler solenoid valve.

  • Clean the valve – To clean the valve, remove the solenoid. Be sure of all the parts how they are fixed. After removing it you can push in on the end of the spring –loaded plunger in the solenoid.
  • Make sure it should slide in and out easily when pressed in a row. If it doesn’t happen then replace the solenoid. Don’t apply any lubricant to the solenoid plunger as it is not repairable.
  • Now you remove the valve lid by using a strap wrench. After removing the spring set it aside.
  • Inside the valve lid you will find the tiny passages known as ports. These passages should not be clogged with a grain of sand or whatever. Sand out these passages carefully. Do not cut or expand these passages.
  • Then remove the rubber diaphragm from the valve and just check whether it is in proper condition or not. If it has port, then check its cleanliness. Even some port has a metal pin that keeps the port clean.
  • The rubber seat and the diaphragm are one piece on many valves and seat gasket is not removable. Nothing should be stuck to the seat gasket or diaphragm.
  • Look for the valve seat in the bottom of the valve body. The seat should not be scratched or pitted. A special tool is used for seat so that it can ground down to remove pits and scratches. In case if seat is scratched or pitted then the valve is not repairable.
  • You can turn on the water to flush any remaining sand from the pipes. To get everything out of that pipe you can turn it on full blast.
  • It is very important to remember that you don’t skip flushing the pipes and valve body. Before reassembling the valve, you carefully clean everything.
  • Sometimes valves have separate lid gasket that has to be cleaned before being reassembled
  • In case there are any O-rings then you lubricate them by using K-Y Jelly before reassembling. It is optional to lubricate O-rings.


A Solenoid Valve also known as an electric valve or automatic valve can be repaired by following the above guidelines. Hope all these points will be beneficial for you. The Smart Sprinkler Controller cannot work well if there is any problem with the irrigation solenoid valve so you take care of all the points to enjoy the proper service of it.

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